How does DaiLeaf operate?

DaiLeaf is a platform that connects customers to the different non-storefront dispensaries in the customer’s area. DaiLeaf does not sell, package, or deliver cannabis. On, we collect customer payment deposits on the dispensaries behalf. The payment is processed once the cannabis is delivered. DaiLeaf is a marketing business that promotes dispensaries and advocates for the cannabis community.

Can I order delivery from anywhere?

For the safety of our drivers, we only deliver to residential buildings. If you need us to deliver to a different location, make sure to change your delivery location when checking out!

Can someone else be there to accept my delivery?

Only the person who placed the order can accept the order! Be ready to present your State ID when the delivery driver comes to your door!

How do I contact the driver?

We will give you the dispensaries direct line that you can call if you need to get a hold of the driver.

Who do I contact if there is something wrong with my order?

If there was an issue with the products, please contact the dispensary. For all other concerns, please email

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