LOB | 10K Jack Pax Era Pod 500mg


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(Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk) Is a phenomenal phenotype selection of the legendary Jack Herer strain. Selected for its unique fruit forward nose with the cerebral elevation you would expect from a world-class sativa, coupled with an uplifting clear-headed feeling that stays with you through the day.

Notes of jackfruit, pine cleaner, and citrus

The Legion of Bloom ERA pods. The unrivaled quality of the Legion of Bloom meets the refined innovation that is PAX. The PAX ERA device and Pods are the ultimate oil vaporizer delivery system. Combine this with the quality cannabis oil and terpenes that the Legion is known for and this becomes a match made in heaven.

The ERA is lightweight and pocket-sized for an on-demand experience anytime, anywhere. With strong vapor and pure taste, you can expect consistent flavor and delivery time after time. With a wide temperature range and precise controls to let you personalize your experience and find your perfect settings. The ERA is the next level answer for your vaping needs. Get the App to personalize your PAX and download the latest device updates, including to the degree temperature setting and device lockout mode. PAX High Intensity Pods are recyclable, leak-proof, durable, and contain a unique, dual-end wicking feature for extreme vapor density.


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