Weed Joint Guide 101: Types, Tips, And More

Rolling the perfect joint will take some time and practice before you successfully do it. There are countless factors to consider that will affect the quality of and the way you roll your joint, from the herbs to the rolling paper. Here is a comprehensive guide made by seasoned cannabis smokers on how to roll the perfect joint. The steps are:

Prepare The Ingredients

The first step is to compile the materials and ingredients you need to create the perfectly rolled joint. Before that, you need to identify how much marijuana should go in each joint. The average 1.25 size rolling paper usually contains 0.5 grams of cannabis. This is enough for two people to share the joint. You may also adjust the amount or pick the more appropriate strain that will give you the dosing you require. You also need to prepare a grinder, rolling papers, a rolling tray, a filter, and a pen or a similarly shaped item for packing the joint.

Identify The Joint Style


The standard style is the most popular option. All you need to do is to sprinkle the ground flower on the gum side of the rolling paper.


The pinner style creates a very thin joint with the goal of evenly dispersing the flower throughout the roll. This is commonly performed when you have a limited amount of flowers and you are trying to stretch your supply.


This is a classic style that you can identify through the “cherry” on top. It is named as such because it looks like a tulip.

The Cross

You might have seen this type of joint in the popular movie Pineapple Express. The joint is shaped like a crucifix. It allows you to burn through more flowers in one go.

The Fatty

This style, as the name suggests, creates a huge joint. It is filled with a lot of marijuana and it is often passed around for everyone to enjoy. Take it a step further and you will create the XXL style.


This is a conical joint that starts off thin and gets wider at the end. This joint style requires a filter to prevent the flower from falling out of the paper.

Grind And Filter

This is a necessary step if your dried marijuana is not yet ground. The grinding process becomes so much easier when the marijuana is very dry. You may grind them with your hands but that could result in a coughing fit. You may use a pair of scissors or a grinder for finer grounds. The filter must also be sticking out from one end to keep the joint stable, to prevent the marijuana from spilling out, and to feel more comfortable on your lips.

Arrange And Pack

This step depends on which joint style you picked. Add the amount of marijuana that the joint style calls for. Pack the marijuana tightly by gently pressing down.


Rolling takes some practice. The general rule is that you are supposed to roll and grip back and forth between your fingers until you get the shape or style you want.

Lick and Stick

Start at the end, and then roll while eliminating slack. Tuck in the rest of the excess rolling paper and marijuana. It may also be necessary to pull the paper to ensure that the entire joint is tight. Once the joint is fully rolled, seal the deal by licking the glue strip and pressing it against the roll.

Lock It Down

To do this, tap the joint against the surface of a table to push down the cannabis and to lock the crutch. You may also lick around the crutch to make sure it really sticks. Next, seal the tip by twisting it. This ensures that the marijuana is packed tightly so that you will have an even and steady burn. This also prevents the flower from falling out.

What If I Still Can’t Roll A Joint?

It may be challenging for some to master the art of rolling so quickly. If you are tired of the process and you wish you have something more convenient, you may try prerolls. These are ready-made rolls that are a little bit more expensive than if you make the rolls yourself, but it is worth it if you want something in smaller batches. Other options include using a rolling machine, bongs, or pipes. DaiLeaf houses all of the items you need to get started on your joint-rolling journey. There is also a wide selection of prerolls for those looking for convenience when it comes to smoking joints. 

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