Weed Hacks For Resourceful Users

Seasoned stoners know that preparing and smoking weed isn’t always the most smooth sailing experience. One may encounter issues like broken pipes, missing grinders, or a really bad case of cottonmouth. We at DaiLeaf realize that it is impossible to foresee all sorts of hiccups so we have compiled some genius weed hacks that you may do when the need arises.

Bobby Pin Hack

A bobby pin is more than just a hair accessory. It is an accessible item that you can use to clean ash buildup in a bowl. You can also use it to push out stuck cannabis in a one-hitter or pipe. Bobby pins are sturdy and thin which makes them easy to insert into places to de-clog. If you need the pin to reach deeper into your pipe, you can simply straighten it out.

Use Lip Balm

One of the biggest side effects of weed consumption is cottonmouth. This is when your mouth gets extremely dry. That includes the inside of your mouth and your lips. Oftentimes, you might feel your lips turn to sandpaper. As such, having a pot or tube of lip balm is handy. Not only does it help hydrate your lips but the scented ones can mask a smoker’s breath. Lip balms with sweeter flavors are also extremely helpful for cases of cottonmouth.

Pack Sunglasses With You

Cannabis contains compounds that cause your blood vessels to dilate. That is why most users have bloodshot eyes. The increased blood flow widens the blood vessels which accounts for the red appearance. It helps to have a pair of sunglasses in your bag so that you can hide your red eyes until your blood flow returns to normal.

Candy And/Or Mints

Sucking on candy or mints before, during, and after you smoke marijuana helps with a lot of things. Firstly, it keeps you salivating so that you can combat any potential cotton mouth incident. Secondly, it helps you get rid of smoker’s breath, especially if you are smoking a particularly smelly strain. Lastly, the sweet taste of candy can help combat any nausea you may experience while consuming marijuana. Nausea is rare but it can happen to first-time users or if you are exploring a new strain.

Makeshift Grinder Hack

In the instance that you forgot or misplaced your grinder, you can always use this makeshift grinder hack. All you need for this project is an empty pill bottle and a clean penny. Stuff the dried herbs inside the pill bottle. Drop the clean penny inside, replace the lid, and then shake. This should shred your weed to pieces so that you can pack it in some rolling paper or a bong.

Rub Honey Over Rolled Joints

Honey is universally delicious but you can use it to exclusively improve the taste of your weed joints. Aside from adding a touch of sweetness to the experience, this also ensures that the joint does not burn up quickly so that you can savor the whole thing. To do this, dab some honey on your fingertips. Rub them together so you are left with a thin layer that you simply need to spread over the rolled joint.

Clean Bong Hack

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to keep your bongs looking sparkling clean. We recommend a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and sea salt. Shake it up and pour it inside the bong. It should get rid of the ash buildup and mild stains. It is cheap, easy, and accessible. You can also use this cleaning mixture for other accessories, particularly those with tiny crevices. Put these smaller pieces in a Ziploc bag and pour in the mixture. Leave this for a while and expect to have clean parts afterward!

Construction Paper for Storage

Flowers and buds are typically stored in airtight glass jars. They must be placed in cool, shaded areas away from direct sunlight so that they stay fresh for longer. However, if you want to add an extra layer of protection, you may use a sheet of dark-colored construction paper. Cut it to size and wrap it around the glass jars. This blocks excessive light and heat so that the buds stay cool and fresh for longer.

Cleaning Up Spilled Weed

If you accidentally spilled weed on the ground, you may easily collect it using a vacuum cleaner and a clean sock. Wrap the sock around the tube of the vacuum so it covers the hole. Vacuum the weed so they stick to the sock. This will prevent the weed from getting sucked into the vacuum and you can easily place it into a jar for later.

Smoke Before Eating

This simple strategy has two purposes. Firstly, saving your meal for later means that you can use it to remedy a case of munchies. Secondly, users recommend this because they notice that food tastes better and becomes more appetizing. The flavors are enhanced and everything seems more appetizing than usual. These weed hacks are just some of the tips that can help improve your weed experience. These could also remedy some issues you might encounter, from a misplaced grinder to extending your buds’ shelf life. Shop at DaiLeaf for the best marijuana deals on the market.

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