Joints, Blunts, Vs. Spliffs: A Beginner’s Guide

Consuming rolled cannabis is a staple in the weed community. Despite the rise of trendier means to consume weed, smoking it is a classic method that will not die anytime soon. It is easy, accessible, and readily gives you the cannabis fix you need.


There are three main types of rolled cannabis: joints, blunts, and spliffs.


Joints are the most popular ways to consume weed. This is small and portable which means that you can easily transport it and fire one up wherever and whenever you wish. A joint is composed of dried cannabis rolled up in thin rolling paper. The paper is usually white but it is now available in a bunch of colors, some infused with flavors. The paper may be made of rice, hemp, blends, and more. Joints usually have a filter or a crutch that keeps the stick stable so that you can smoke it with ease. The filter also prevents your fingers or lips from getting burnt whenever you take a hit.


Blunts are rolls made of dried cannabis in cigar wrap, hemp wrap, or blunt wrap. These wraps can be infused with tobacco so it adds energy to your high. Blunts are bigger than joints in terms of length and diameter. Since there is more product packed into the roll, blunts last longer and are often made for sharing.


A spliff is very similar to a joint in terms of size and how you build it. The primary difference is that the dried herbs have tobacco infused in them. There is also more tobacco than cannabis. It is much like a cannabis-infused cigarette. Spliffs have filters or crutches, too. You may alter the ratio of tobacco to cannabis, depending on your preferences.

Paper Choice

There are also differences in terms of the type of paper used for each category. The paper selection is important. It influences how long the joint lasts and it usually depends on the amount of weed you will place inside the rolled product. Some papers also have flavors, such as tobacco- or hemp-infused rolling papers. Others are thicker which means that they burn slower, making them more appropriate for cigars, blunts, and other rolls with more marijuana. There are also flavored papers that are infused with savory, fruity, herbal, and other flavors. These rolling papers will need some experimentation since they do not always complement all strains of marijuana. Some flavors can amplify certain strains while others may clash. Rolling papers have features that make them easier to use. Most of them are constructed to be tear-proof and water-resistant so that your rolls will be unharmed and the cannabis won’t spill out. It is also best to go for a rolling paper that is comfortable to grip between your fingers and burns evenly. Some poor-quality papers burn unevenly which will either cause your joint to last shorter or the cannabis to spill out.

What Is The Universal Favorite?

The crowd favorite varies from region to region. For example, Europeans are widely known to use spliffs since they deem joints to be wasteful. Users from the US prefer joints because of the absence of tobacco and its accessibility. At the end of the day, the choice is still up to you. The art of rolling joints leaves a lot of room for experimentation and artistry. You may check out our guide on how to roll the perfect joint as well as the different joint styles you can experiment with. And if you wish to avoid the creation process altogether, DaiLeaf has a wide range of prerolls that are ready to smoke.

Beginner Starter Pack

Here are the items you need to get started:
  • Premium cannabis buds
  • Grinder
  • Rolling paper
  • Filter or crutch
The most important ingredient is dried cannabis flowers and buds. DaiLeaf houses countless premium buds and flowers that you can use for your joints. The selection includes different strains of varying THC/CBD ratios. To prepare the cannabis, simply grind it to attain the right consistency. You may use a grinder or your bare hands. The ground cannabis will be packed in some rolling paper. The paper may be infused with tobacco or the ground cannabis may be mixed with some. A filter or crutch will be added before sealing it. DaiLeaf is your one-stop-shop that houses the essentials to complete your basic cannabis rolling kit and more. Shop premium products and get the best deals online.

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