Genius Stealth Hacks For Growing Weed Outdoors

Cannabis is an incredible plant and the number one problem that outdoor growers face is theft. A lot of people are on the lookout for weeds to harvest, and who can blame them? No one would ever pass up the opportunity to get free weed. We understand that you might be worried that your hard work can be swiped by some person, especially during harvest season. These tips are handy for growers who have no choice but to grow weeds outdoors. Outdoor growing is highly beneficial, especially due to the availability of sunlight. Abundant sunlight allows the flowering buds to grow and flourish. The best part is that it is completely free and it is the cheaper option compared to setting up artificial grow lights for your buds.

Stealth Hacks For Outdoor Marijuana Plants

Hide From Plain Sight

This is a no-brainer but the first step is to hide the plants from plain sight. If you have a yard that opens up to the street, it is better to plant marijuana in the area closer to your home rather than right beside the sidewalk. You may plant other types of plants to cover them up. Check if the marijuana plants are not visible from a passerby’s line of sight or from your neighbor’s window.

Camouflage Is Key

Camouflaging involves blending your marijuana plants with other types of plants. The variety creates a large patch of greenery that will prevent the buds from standing out. One example of a marijuana plant that is easy to hide is the Frisian duck. The leaves have a three-finger structure that looks just like any other plant. Other growers trim the tips so that the marijuana plants won’t tower over the rest. Some even go to the extent of cutting the tips of each leaf to eliminate the distinctive marijuana leaf shape. This is obviously labor-intensive but it pays off when you get to effectively camouflage your plants. You may also plant a flowering plant with bright-colored flowers so that your marijuana plant will look like any other normal plant. Another tip is to place your marijuana plants and normal plants in pots and then assemble them in a decorative planter. You may strategically place the potted marijuana plants in between normal ones to make them blend seamlessly.

Build A Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a hybrid of indoor and outdoor gardening. It is helpful for growing all sorts of plants since it allows you to protect your plants from harsh outdoor elements. It is particularly useful for growing marijuana since it provides a barrier between an outsider and your plants. There are greenhouses with opaque sides and clear ceilings. This allows sunlight to readily hit the leaves while hiding the plant from plain sight. However, greenhouses might look suspicious if it is a standalone structure in your garden, especially if you’re not necessarily known as an avid gardener. A greenhouse will be less suspicious if you already have some greenery outside of it.

Apply Bending

Bending is a way to manipulate the natural growth patterns of cannabis plants. This gets rid of the characteristic triangular shape. Bending the branches will prevent the cannabis plant from towering over the rest of the greens in your garden. You can do this through low-stress training or by positioning a net along which the plant can grow.

Stay Vigilant

Take a look at your garden every now and then. Take note of the people who pass by, especially those that stop to admire your greens. You might also notice some individuals who pass by frequently or hang around your property. They might be scouting the area so that when harvest season arrives, they can reap your hard work.

Mask The Smell

Some individuals may stop by to admire your gardening abilities and they might show their appreciation by smelling your plants. However, most cannabis strains have a distinct “weed” smell that only intensifies as harvest season creeps in. You may choose a low odor strain that does not grow to be very tall, such as auto-flowering plants. They’re quite easy to grow and the harvest cycle is pretty fast. Some strains that are low odor strains include Auto Duck, Northern Lights, Papaya, Ice, Blue Mystic, and Papaya. Another trick is to plant flowering plants. Most flowers emit a sweet scent that might be enough to cover up the weed smell. We wish you the best of luck in shielding your marijuana plants against thieves. These stealth hacks should help you garden in peace without the constant fear of getting all your hard work stolen. The best way to completely hide your plants from outsiders is through indoor gardening. However, if that is not possible for you, then these outdoor tips should help you out. Shop at DaiLeaf for premium buds and cannabis products that you can enjoy as you wait for the harvest season.

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