Different Types Of Bongs And Their Benefits: Which One Is For You?

Bongs come in different shapes and sizes to cater to different needs. There are countless types that vary in terms of structure, the material used, size, and more. Knowing the different types will help you become familiar with the available variety so that you can take a pick among your options.

What Is A Bong?

A bong is also known as a water pipe. It is a filtration device that is often used for smoking marijuana. This is also known as bubbler, billy, binger, and other slang terms. Bongs filter and cool the smoke that comes from burning cannabis. As aforementioned, bongs come in many different shapes and sizes but all of them follow the same principle. There is a small bowl that will hold the dried weed. The weed will be lit with a lighted to cause combustion. The user will also inhale which causes the water below to percolate. As such, the smoke will rise through the water, into the chamber, before entering your lungs. The weed smoke gets filtered in the process.

What Are The Different Materials Used In Constructing Bongs?


Bongs that are made of metal are extremely rare. These bongs are often affordable and long-lasting due to their incredibly durable material. The metal can be molded to different shapes and designs. The biggest downside is that metal is an excellent conductor of heat which means that whenever the bowl of marijuana is set on fire, the rest of the bong might feel warm, too.


Glass is a very popular material used for bongs. This is because the glass does not interfere with the flavor of marijuana, which results in a clean and pure taste. The material does not affect the flavor in any way. Since it is transparent, it is easy to maintain the bong. You can visibly see if there is gunk buildup or any blockage that you need to remedy. Despite glass bongs’ popularity, this choice remains to be more expensive than the other types of bongs.


Plastic is used for bongs because of its durability and affordability. This material is readily available and the bong is easy to manufacture which is why it is cheaper. The biggest downside is the possibility that the plastic material can affect the flavor of your marijuana.


Ceramic bongs are heavy and fragile. As such, it is something that you cannot easily bring around with you as compared to a plastic bong. The best part about ceramic is its malleability so craftsmen can mold this into different shapes, sizes, and colors. This type of bong also holds more artistry compared to mass-produced products like plastic which means that it is more expensive.


Historically speaking, the earliest bongs were made of bamboo. It is a durable and lightweight material with a tubular structure, perfect for smoking and filtering marijuana. Bamboo may be infused with other materials such as steel and glass to make it more functional.

What Are The Different Types Of Bong Designs?

Straight Tube

This is the simplest design available. It comes with a mouthpiece on one end and a bowl at the bottom.


As the name suggests, this type of bong design is shaped like a beaker. The reason for such is because the wider bottom provides more stability to the bong and reduces chances of it toppling over. Aside from the shape and size difference, it operates much like the straight tube type.

Round Base

The round base bong is similar to beaker-shaped bongs except for the spherical base.


A multi-chamber bong is also known as a recycler bong. The basic design follows the principle of the straight tube bong. Then, the main tube separates into two or three chambers. The reason why there are so many chambers is that as the smoke passes through, it gets cooler and more purified. By the end of the numerous chambers, the smoke will feel cool, clean, pure, and smooth. The biggest downside is that this type of bong is much more expensive than the rest primarily because of how difficult it is to manufacture.


This type of bong has a percolator inside which makes the smoke cooler and cleaner before it enters your lungs. The percolator causes the smoke to bubble through the water. This is usually placed at the bottom but it can also be placed in its own chamber, which is the case for multi-chamber types. This is likewise more expensive than the other types. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. There are countless types to choose from and your choice depends on your preferences, frequency of usage, budget, and more. If you are a klutz and you want something low maintenance, go for a bong made of plastic or bamboo. If you want something reserved for special occasions that may double as a decorative piece, go for something made of glass or ceramic in a multi-chamber design. Your bong of choice is best paired with premium cannabis. Shop at DaiLeaf for your supply, accessories, and more.

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