Best Movies To Watch While Stoned

Some marijuana strains result in a couch-lock. This simply means that you are immobilized and drowsy to the point of being glued to your couch. And what’s a better way to pass the time during a couch lock than to watch a movie? We have compiled a list of the best stoner movies to watch while you are high. Marijuana may turn these films into something more interesting and entertaining as you watch with heightened senses. The audio may seem sharper, the colors may seem brighter, and every plot development may seem more interesting than how they originally are. The marijuana-centered storyline also makes these films relatable and fun.

Inherent Vice (2014)

This movie stars the legendary Joaquin Phoenix. He plays a private investigator alongside Larry ‘Doc’ Sportello, a hippie who is searching for his estranged girlfriend. The storyline includes a drug ring and an intriguing string of murders. The movie will keep you at the edge of your seat, and you’ll have a newfound sense of appreciation for its arguably messy plot development. This just goes to show that everything can become a tad more interesting for as long as you are stoned.

The Living Dead: The Attic (1995)

The movie is about how Margaret Thatcher rose to power, which is through Churchillian means based in Britain. The movie also shows her downfall. The director, Adam Curtis, uses psychedelic shots that will surely feel even more disorienting when watched by a high individual.

Cats (2019)

Tom Hooper’s Cats isn’t necessarily a crowd favorite. A lot of people questioned its unique storytelling or how the cats have to have human-like features. However, it is still well-known due to the famous stars which include James Cordon, Rebel Wilson, and the queen of cat lovers herself, Taylor Swift. Most viewers describe the film as something that happens during a fever dream and that is exactly what makes this a good watch for stoned individuals. Try it and see for yourself. You might end up laughing uncontrollably at Swift’s awkward British accent and the actors’ wobbling faces due to poor CGI.

Mean Girls (2004)

Everyone has probably seen Mean Girls since it is one of the most iconic chick flicks from the early 2000s. The story follows Cady Heron and her family’s migration back to the United States after 12 years in Africa. She tries to fit in with the rich, popular, yet mean girls of the campus. She accidentally becomes one of them and later on in the movie, Cady scrambles to find her way back to her true self. The movie is riddled with catchy phrases that you will surely pick up yourself. It is a relaxed film that you can enjoy while stoned.

Shaun The Sheep Movie (2015)

Watching cartoons while stoned is not new. People have done it in the past because they claim that the colors become more vibrant and there are even some three-dimensional hallucinations that could happen. Shaun the Sheep Movie is a safe bet for cartoons to watch while stoned. Shaun is a beloved cartoon character and no one is ever too old for him. The interesting and heartwarming plot is a good pace you could keep up with while stoned. You may even watch the sequel Shaun the Sheep: Farmaggedon.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (2010)

The most important thing about the stoner film you choose is the visuals. Visual stimulation keeps you entertained and allows you to experience the full effects of marijuana. With that being said, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is a great stoner film because of the stunning visuals comprised of high-paced, action scenes paired with bright and colorful superhero animations. The movie also features Michael Cera, the epitome of nerdiness and aspiring band bassists. He needs to find the seven evil ex-boyfriends of his girlfriend and win.

Commando (1985)

The story follows retired US Army Colonel John Matrix as he looks for his kidnapped daughter. The revolutionaries who took his child are blackmailing him to kill the US-backed president of the country that their team recently failed to overthrow. However, he did not wish to be a pushover so he used his small arms and heavy artillery to take over the people who took his daughter. The movie is filled with mindless murder, action sequences, and bad quips. It is reasonably entertaining for someone stoned. These are just some of the films we recommend to watch while stoned. The reality is that almost every film works for as long as they have insane visuals, an interesting plot, and auditory stimuli. Stock up on marijuana products for movie night by shopping at DaiLeaf. Check out our wide range of cannabis products that are the perfect companions for the films we suggested above.

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