5 Important Tips For First Time Weed Smokers: What You Need To Know

Smoking weed should never be taken lightly, especially if it is your first time. It helps to be armed with knowledge on its effects and what to expect so that you can prevent a bad high. Do not worry because a bad high is more common than you think. However, it can be avoided, and in the worst-case scenario that it does happen, then that might just mean that you should explore other cannabis products besides smoking them. We care for your safety and we want you to have the best cannabis experience possible which is why we have compiled these important tips for first-time weed smokers.

Important Tips To Remember

Research Beforehand

Get in touch with an expert budtender who can answer your questions. Look up credible sources online so that you’d know what to expect. The mere fact that you are reading this article right now is a good first step. Arming yourself with knowledge and proper expectations will allow you to stay in control. Researching also means paying attention to the strain that you are about to consume as well as the quantity. Researching the strain lets you know the expected effects so that in the instance you feel anything out of the ordinary, you can alert your friends, lay off of the product for a while, or, for severe cases,  get yourself checked by a physician. It is best to start with a low-dosage strain.

Prepare Your Surroundings

Cannabis is best consumed when you feel like you are in a safe and calm environment. Smoking weed can amplify negative feelings such as anxiety and stress which is why it is important to only consume it if you are in the proper headspace. And you can achieve that by engineering your environment to be relaxing, safe, and comfortable. This means that it is better to take your first joint in the comforts of your own home rather than in some random alleyway. This also means that you should only smoke weed among friends and loved ones you are comfortable with, and not some shady stranger you just met. Being surrounded by your support system will make you feel safe and loved, which is helpful for ensuring a smooth marijuana-smoking experience.

Set A Time For Recovery

It is a smart move to clear your schedule because there is no way of knowing the extent of the effects of marijuana. It varies for first-timers but you may expect your body to feel heavy. Cannabis compounds can also alter your motor skills so moving around really isn’t an option. It is better to clear your schedule and allocate enough time to rest and recover.

Stay Hydrated

Marijuana consumption generally causes cases of dry mouth which is when the oral region stops producing saliva. This is also known as cottonmouth. The feeling of dehydration will linger for as long as you are high. Make sure to drink a lot of water as you are consuming weed. Staying hydrated helps reduce the cottonmouth sensation. It also reduces fatigue and headaches for a smoother and faster recovery period.

Eat Some Snacks

It is normal to feel hungry when you are smoking weed. This is called the munchies and it is a common side-effect of cannabis. You may expect this to happen on your first time smoking weed so it helps to have a lot of snacks ready so that you can eat. In this way, you eliminate a trip to the grocery store while high or an impulsive purchase at Door Dash.

Basic Tips For Smoking Weed

Take A Deep Breath

First-time smokers make the mistake of taking a short puff instead of a deep breath. The flavors and aroma may cause anyone to choke with a puff. This also means that you are unable to maximize the effects of cannabis. It is better to inhale deeply upon your first drag. Pull the smoke down to your lungs while preventing your mouth from getting filled. Then, take the joint out of your mouth and take another sharp breath in to get some clean air into your system. Hold, and then slowly exhale to release. You might cough since it is your first time but that is normal. Just have some water ready beside you in case this happens.

Be Aware Of Your Limits

You might be tempted to smoke the same amount and at the same pace as the rest of your friends. However, you should take your time. Remember that the compounds of weed will take time before they get fully absorbed into your system. As such, pace yourself. Give time after every puff to assess the effects before taking another hit. Some guide questions to ask yourself include:
  • Are you experiencing changes in your mood?
  • Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or calm?
  • Are you sleepy?
  • Are the feelings positive or negative?
The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about your compatibility with the marijuana strain you are smoking. You may want to try a different strain in the future or pass up on the next few puffs just until you feel calm and collected once more.

Coughing Is Natural

This is an underrated tip. Some first-timers resist the urge to cough which just makes the itching worse. If you feel a cough coming on, do not fight it as doing so will result in a burning and itching sensation. Just drink some water to soothe the itch before going in for another round. DaiLeaf houses a wide array of joints, prerolls, and other premium weed products that are worthy of your first time. Shop today.

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