About Us

About DaiLeaf

The founders of California based DaiLeaf, a father-­daughter team, searched for the perfect solution to introduce consumers to the best dispensaries with discretion and ease. DaiLeaf is a platform for customers to connect with dispensaries and discover what they have to offer. Our mission is to support dispensaries and the Cannabis Community in Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.

As part of this Mission, the founders provide a monthly cannabis subscription program at MonthLeaf.com to market dispensaries and products to consumers

Community Outreach

The Cannabis Community was built on working together and supporting everyone. Even smoking a joint has etiquette rules around sharing and we think that makes the Cannabis Community inclusive and special. To continue the act of sharing, we decided we could give something to those in need from us who smoke weed. For every order placed on our site, we will donate an item of need to the local shelters in communities we serve. The following items are examples of donated items; socks, soap & shampoo, tampons & pads, and toothbrush & toothpaste.

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DaiLeaf does not sell, grow, manufacture, distribute, inventory, package or deliver any cannabis products.